Elliott Kember

works at Riot in Bath, England,
builds and maintains high-traffic, powerful web apps,
resorts to using Georgia - sometimes in italic and printer’s primaries,
speaks at conferences, and has followers on the Twitter.

Some of the cool stuff he's done includes

An article on Chrome's insane password security strategy,
Hammer - the best HTML tool ever,
Anvil - a Mac app for hosting local sites,
Shaken - randomness and cocktails,
Instashade - Instagram photos by colour,
Instatunes - an Instagram screensaver,
Instagreat - the best of Instagram (with @dizzyup),
bieber.ly - a Justin Bieber URL shortener,
    (with @juliancheal @reddavis @dizzyup & @philsturgeon)
Speaking at #DIBI in 2010 - a 38 minute talk on jQuery,
Notey - an on-line Post-It note app,
Speckle - a collaborative spec list to-do app,
The Snake Arena - the open-source version of the snake on this page,
Tweets from FOWA - live tweets on the big screen at FOWA,
Plus+ - an App Store game site for ngmoco:) - in association with Crafty Corp
Dreamcatcher - remove Dreamweaver emails from your Gmail inbox!
Pulp Browsers - Pulp Fiction, as told by browsers.
Sexy Curls, a jQuery plugin

You can contact him like so:

Twitter: @elliottkember
Email: elliott.kember@gmail.com

The turning code image for a Javascript effect.